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Ardensway, Inc. is an innovative sales and marketing team in the Twin Cities which is committed to providing the highest level of integrity for our fortune 500 clients.

Growth Equals Results

Originally representing just a sliver of market share for a single client in Ohio, the company has since expanded through delivering results that surpass client’s demands.

Top Notch Clients

Ardensway’s more notable clients have included AT&T, Century Link, Direct Energy and Comcast.

Who We Are


Let’s take a look at the current state of the marketing industry.  Traditional areas like TV, radio, print, direct mail and other means that companies have relied on for years are simply not areas to count on anymore to bring in new customers for various different reasons.  These areas aren’t dead, but they’re dying. Technology (some of which we sell) has made it much easier for the average consumer to avoid the “clutter” traditional marketing methods bring.

This leaves two big areas in which companies bring in new business: e-commerce and face to face representation.  Granted, face to face has been around a lot longer than any internet based methods of grabbing new customers, it is still very relevant.  Both have strengths and both have drawbacks. Let’s take a look at both.

“Great things never came
from comfort zones.”

About Ardensway


First, it is much harder to differentiate in the e-commerce space these days. If everyone is lined up, willing, and capable of doing that work, then it becomes harder to stand out and monetize providing those kinds of services.

Second, this type of work can be done anywhere in the world. This may seem like a positive, but it leads to outsourcing this type of work outside the country. We live in a globalized economy so if the same level of work can be done in a country with less strict labor policies, it will. The internet is now everywhere! We aren’t for outsourcing jobs outside the United States, but we’d be pretty ignorant to not see it as a reality.

Third, as technology advances, there’s no guarantee that e-commerce will still be relevant 30 years from now. Oh, you don’t agree? Ask the printing press, radio, and TV how well they’ve been growing the last decade! You say you can’t talk to those inanimate items? Well, go use the Google machine and get back to us 😉

Why Face To Face?

Face to face is the most effective way to communicate.  Are online methods more efficient? Sure, but they are most definitely not more effective.  More effective communication leads to customer loyalty.  The longer the customer life cycle, the more profit the company turns.  It may cost more upfront to acquire business through face to face means, but if that customer stays an exponential amount of time longer, (whether this means staying with a brand via subscription, revisiting a store, re-orders, etc.) then the long term outcome is more profitable.

We can’t be replaced by technology or outsourced outside the country.  Automation and globalization are the two biggest dangers to jobs in the United States.  Face to face based projects can’t be sent overseas. We have to be present to shake a hand.  As far as automation, the internet is most definitely an effective way for companies to sell themselves using less people (which does NOT lead to job growth over time within the e-commerce industry).  However, volatile churn and customer retention numbers say the internet will not overtake the importance of face to face representation in many industries especially with new technologies, more complex products, or services with larger price tags.

We want to be growing, specializing, and thriving in an area of business that we believe will grow and provide jobs for decades to come regardless of globalization or technological advances.  What we sell and market will most definitely change over time, but the face to face way of doing it will always be effective and have a place.


Press Releases

Ardensway, Inc. Earns National Sales Award

Minneapolis-area company outperforms competition to net first-ever Campaign Cup

Bridging The Gap

To effectively grow a business takes experience, focus and financial backing. Many businesses are now realizing they can save the time, energy and finances by outsourcing their sales to sales professionals.

Proven Results

Just like an individual job seeker, Ardensway has developed their resume and references through results and will use their track record to keep new business coming.

Consistant Growth

Projected expansion by the end of 2018 includes three total office locations throughout the Midwest servicing telecommunication, energy, and potential new clients in exciting new industries.

Market Expertise

Through a speed to market strategy, Ardensway taps into the market place while quickly and effectively getting their client’s products and services to the market place utilizing a strong sales team and sound marketing strategies.


What do you all do at Ardensway?


We are an outsourced sales and marketing company. There are two pistons of business. The first is getting new customers and the second is maintaining those customers. We get customers for the companies that hire us. It isn’t always easy, but it pays more than maintaining!

Outside sales? Can you be more specific?


Of course! It can mean a lot of things. We’re open to whatever a client needs as long as the method is within the bounds of integrity. That can mean business to business sales all the way to old school canvassing in a residential area. Some campaigns are leads based and some are not. Some campaigns we manage accounts and some we are tasked with simply bringing in new customers. The venue is not so much the concern to us as much as if we believe in the brand/product we are representing within that venue.

How do you do that for these companies?


We take on sales and marketing efforts that require a direct face to face touch. This can include anything from selling and marketing a brand at a trade show, in a retail environment, as well as various outside sales efforts. We are on the front lines grabbing new business as well as collecting info to help with promotional strategies and product adjustments.

What is the compensation like at the entry-level?


All employees are offered a base pay. However, in order to take full advantage of the compensation structure someone will need to perform to earn bonuses and commission. The great thing about professional sales is that it’s based on a performance structure (and always should be) – this allows entry-level candidates to earn more than their resume and experience can provide them. More intricate compensation details are discussed during the interview process and may vary depending on particular projects and clients to which one may be assigned.

The purpose of our interview process is to carefully select a candidate who can be successful in the role, but more importantly, have the potential to grow into higher level leadership and management positions.

Compensation structures change as an individual advances; resulting in higher commissions, salary options, and potential partnership

Career Opportunities

We have openings for our Marketing & Sales teams that all begin in an entry-level capacity with options to pursue Management and Leadership Training programs.  We have an aggressive growth plan over the next few years, but we promote solely from within. We are always looking for candidates to enter our training program so we can achieve our growth goals and meet client expectations.  We generally see two types of people thrive within our company.

First is the person that is looking for a company that puts its employees first, offers continuous career development, growth opportunities, and the ability to be part of something special.  This person wants to navigate the industry with us and grow their career in a fun, fast paced, exciting environment. 

Second is the person that wants a career in sales/marketing or other business related careers, but can’t seem to find anything that pays well or is desirable work without having a certain amount of sales experience.  Well, we have the position you need in order to get the position you want in the future! Our culture and campaigns are excellent for someone new to the professional sales and marketing industry.  


Apply Now!

We represent large brands that look great on a resume.  Development of communication and problem solving skills will be a focus.  There are also leadership opportunities within the culture. A couple years’ experience with us will be invaluable to your résumé and career. EVERY employer loves real sales experience!

Now, we aren’t gonna lie.  We want the first person more than the first, but both can be beneficial (partnerships)paths for us and the employee.  If either of the two people described above sound like you in the slightest, then fill out the form and submit your resume for immediate consideration.

Benefits of the Program:

  • Face to face communication skills

  • Problem solving

  • Management training and experience

  • Human resources training

  • Developing skills used to train and teach others

  • Time management skills

  • Sales experience

  • Experience working with and representing Fortune 500 companies

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